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Primula Scotica Silver & Enamel Earrings - ESEX139

Primula Scotica Silver & Enamel Earrings - ESEX139

Ref: 1165

Primula Scotica exists only in Orkney, Caithness and North Sutherland on maritime heath. Orkney sites include Yesnaby on the Orkney mainland, and the outer Islands of Rousay, Westray, Papay, Sanday and South Walls. Miraculously, the purple and yellow flowers of the delicate ‘Scottish Primrose’ survive the harsh Orkney climate.

All our jewellery is made to order and currently takes 5 - 7 days for delivery. Some special items in white gold, palladium or platinum may take a little longer. On placing an order we will always advise you of a despatch date.

Primula Scotica Silver & Enamel Earrings, Dimensions; 10mm x 10mm

Price: 65.00 / $102.70 (78.00 / $123.24 Including VAT at 20%)